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By John T. Cullen

Possibility, motion, and fervour collide during this mainstream mystery concerning the U.S. in its worst political-military difficulty because the Civil warfare. Premise: A moment Constitutional conference. Article V is a ticking time bomb within the U.S. structure, and now could be the day of reckoning. because the nation's destiny hangs within the stability, younger military officials David Gordon and Victoria "Tory" Breen needs to outwit the sinister Generals of October and in addition unravel a poor mystery from her prior.

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The propeller became a spinning disk, and the air moved briskly around. David's uniform made snapping sounds, and the air smelled of burned aviation gas. Oberley poked his short Afro-cut head out the window, grinning. " David leaned close, putting his hands on the red metal windowsill. "Will you volunteer to get a message to our people back there? " "Sure, I'll do it," Oberley said, putting on a pilot's hat with scrambled eggs on the visor. Within minutes, they had a second volunteer, who sat in the backseat.

He wished he had it; oh how he wished he had that coin! Not out of superstition, but simply because it would be right for the coin to be here. For a moment, all was silent, and the night mocked him with its innocence. He might as well be a child again, on a summer night in Waterbury, Connecticut, looking up at the constellations. Or he might be one of many men about to die. Death would come suddenly tonight for many men and women. Will I ever see Kristy again? The distant sound of massive explosions signaled the loss of ammo and fuel dumps.

Lieutenant, we took three tactical nukes. Small H-bombs! 10 kilotons each. " David thought with stunned joy he'd get to see Kristy again after all. Diem nudged. "Sir, two of these guys are generals. S. military units arrived. Waves of choppers flew by overhead. " Mo asked quietly. S. choppers landed. "Ah! I get it. " Out stepped General Billy Norcross and his staff. S. military officer since Patton. He carried an object that resembled a riding crop, but was actually an ivory-handled, telescoping lecture board pointer.

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