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A movement in her backyard caught her attention causing her hand to still in mid-air. Her heart seemed to have stopped for a brief second before it resumed at a racing speed. Her hand started to tremble as she squinted into the night, once again catching sight of the dark figure moving stealthily away from her home toward the fence separating her yard from that of the neighbors. Fear turned quickly to anger and before she could think twice about it, Lacey was racing toward the back door. Barefoot with nothing more than an ankle length flowing gown to cover her body, she flung the door wide and stepped out onto the porch.

Lacey’s ears rang with the round of curses that followed. “Back into the house Ms. ” “Now wait just a minute…” she started, only to be cut off. ” This time the growled command came from a different man. Lean and mean, with his jaw rigidly set, Doug Pennington didn’t look like a happy man. He also didn’t look like a man Lacey wanted to battle wills with. Turning on her heel, she stalked her way back to the back porch, cursing small town sheriffs all the way. Once there, she waited impatiently for the men to finally decide she was worthy enough to talk to.

Going through the back door and out into the yard, Lacey made her way to where the officers were talking. Four sets of eyes snapped to her the second she came into view. “I’ll be with you in just a minute, ma’am. ” He spoke the words in a no nonsense tone, his eyes scanning her yard, taking note of the other two officers looking around. Lacey’s gaze followed his, also finding the other officers. She was rooted to the spot just watching when she heard him mumble under his breath. ” Lacey said the words as sarcastically as possible, her hands balled on her hips.

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