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By Candace Camp

Moving into a wedding of comfort, blameless Charity Emerson and cynical Simon "Devil" Dure are unprepared for the treacherous traps that positioned their love and braveness to the try. unique.

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I will have my own friends—I make friends easily, you see—and I shall do things with them. Go to balls and dances and the opera and—oh, all the exciting things there are to do here in London. I promise I will not be begging you to accompany me everywhere. ” “Don’t be a fool,” he said, scowling darkly. “You will fall in love someday, and then what will you do? ” Charity looked shocked, and once more indignant. ” “I did not say you would. ” “But I will not be unhappy, I assure you,” Charity responded blithely.

No! It’s not like that, my lord. You mustn’t think that I would ever do anything to hurt Serena. It’s just the opposite. ” “Rescuing her? ” His brows vaulted upward. “I had not realized that it was so horrible a fate. ” “Oh, she is,” Charity assured him gravely. “She knows that it is her duty to marry you, and, you see, Serena is the kind of woman who always does her duty to her family. ” Charity blushed, realizing how tactless her statement had been. “I—I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that marriage to you would make a person miserable, ordinarily—for if that were so, I don’t think I would have offered to marry you in her place.

Then is it my features? You prefer Serena’s coloring? Or her slenderness? ” She sat down with a thump on the nearest chair, her face glum. Heat flooded Simon’s loins. “You are ‘rounded’ perfectly. I cannot imagine any man who would find you less than lovely. ” “I’ve been told so once or twice,” Charity admitted. “That is one reason why I thought you would not be averse to the switch. ” He thought of this sunny, beautiful girl in his bed, instead of the composed Serena, and the heat in his abdomen grew alarmingly.

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