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By Alek Wek

Alek Wek has been the face of advert campaigns for firms starting from trainer to Michael Kors to Nars and has labored the runways on behalf of designers similar to Diane von Furstenberg and Christian Dior. but her defining moments expand past the runways of recent York, Milan, Paris, and London. Born to a middle-class relations within the Sudan, Wek came upon her lifestyles all at once inverted while civil battle broke out between outlaw militias, the Muslim-dominated executive, and southern rebels. The clash not just killed million humans, it created a complete neighborhood of refugees, together with Wek's family—many of whom fled to London. this is Wek's excellent, bold tale of emerging from refugee to foreign twiglet.

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It was incredible to be in the bush, falling asleep in the open air, but later I woke in the darkness to the sound of something rustling the leaves nearby, and my heart started to race. Militias? Rebels? Soldiers? I pictured them surrounding us, ready to shoot. Just as I was about to wake my mother, a big bird flew out of the bush. I let her sleep. The sun came up, and my mother gave us each a cup of water to start the day. That was it. I hoped we ’d find some fruit along the way, or maybe some roots to chew on, because otherwise there would be no food until nightfall.

He was only about forty but he moved like an old man. His hip was killing him after he slept all night on the floor but he didn’t make a sound as he slowly uncurled to his full height. He just stretched, said “Good morning,” and turned on his radio. He usually listened to the BBC, but sometimes in the afternoon he ’d turn 39 on the rebel radio station, very softly, so the government soldiers wouldn’t hear it and haul him away. Even as the situation escalated, my family didn’t get involved in politics.

They had always done their best to protect the local people, but now the only ones with bullets in our town were the government soldiers, who, when it came down to it, really couldn’t care less about people like us, especially the Dinka, and the gangster militias, who definitely didn’t care about anyone. Those two groups just started shooting at each other all over town. All night long there ’d be Katyusha rockets blazing across the sky, and the sound of automatic weapons being fired and men yelling.

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