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We take it with no consideration, yet with no it we perish and if we proceed to abuse it, it can kill us in any case. This attention-grabbing textual content presents an knowing and appreciation of the function that air performs in our surroundings and its value relating to human existence and expertise. geared toward those people who are scientifically curious yet who've no professional education, it comprises no mathematical equations and depends the qualitative descriptions and analogies to provide an explanation for the extra technical elements of the textual content including uncomplicated domestic experiments to demonstrate a variety of air-based phenomena. Liberally illustrated with quite a number line drawings and images, it recommends extra studying in case you are prompted to benefit extra. This booklet deals helpful history interpreting for either physics academics and scholars.

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7 Boundary layer separation from a cylinder: flow left to right The separation of the boundary layer causes the formation of a wake (low flow energy) behind a body. The flow pattern does not speed up and close as it would in the absence of viscosity, and the pressure does not rise to the value it would have done in the absence of viscosity. The resulting lack of balance of pressure between front (where the pressure reaches a maximum at the stagnation point) and the rear produces a drag force on the body.

Large umbrellas can be difficult to control in strong winds partly because the flow is 'caught' and slowed down by the concave under-surface, which increases the pressure; and partly because it speeds up over the curved top surface, which reduces the pressure. The resultant difference of pressure generates force. You may observe that many large umbrellas have flaps placed over a central hole; they exclude the rain but allow air to flow from below to above the canopy, thus 'short circuiting' the pressure difference.

Space vehicles returning to Earth are protected by an ablative layer that is heated to enormous temperatures by skin friction, melts, and blows away to dispose of the otherwise deadly heat. As we shall see a little later, this is only one of the ways in which viscosity affects the forces on a body moving through a fluid. In the free flow outside the boundary layer, viscosity exerts little influence. LAMINAR AND TURBULENT BOUNDARY LAYERS The boundary layer on the surface of a long, thin body moving slowly through still air (or, equivalently, air moving slowly over a static body) starts at the 'nose' with negligible thickness and thickens slowly with distance along the body by means of molecular diffusion, which was explained above as the source of gas viscosity.

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