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By Susan Isaacs

Quickly after her filthy rich husband of twenty-five years leaves her for a more youthful girl, Rosie Meyers reveals herself the top suspect in his homicide and is going underground as a fugitive in new york to discover the killer. 150,000 first printing. $200,000 ad/promo.

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Short, punchy sentences. No big, intimidating words. Computer jargon to make it sound scientific. And every now and then, he wouldn’t let me footnote a reference; he made me write: ‘Our sources inform us…’ And it worked! Instead of giving 30 / SUSAN ISAACS them the five-hundred-dollar fee he promised, the client wrote out a check for a thousand. He hired Richie and Mitch to research some new process for matching plaids, and he recommended them to someone in his country club—who recommended them to somebody else.

It wasn’t that I believed Gevinski would actually AFTER ALL THESE YEARS / 29 consider me a suspect without knowing more about Richie’s life, but I did wish he would be more conspicuously curious as to who done it. “Richie went in with Mitch,” I pressed on. “They worked until ten or eleven, four nights a week. After about six months, they were a big success. The company expanded their territory. ” “Information. One of their clients was a man in the garment industry. He asked Richie and Mitch if they could do some research for him; there was a California textile design company he wanted to buy.

The closest Richie came to having a real friend was his pal of the last seven or eight years, Joan, the wife of his biggest client, Tom Driscoll. I’d been the one who actually made the introduction: Years earlier, back in Brooklyn, before Tom became an Ivy League snob and then the coldest fish in Manhattan, he had been one of the world’s best kids. We’d been great pals in elementary school, and although we grew apart, we came back together—briefly—to be boyfriend and girlfriend in our senior year of high school.

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