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Owing to the limitations discussed above the interpretation of the radioautographs is rather difficult and their claim that labeled cholesterol has accumulated along the elastic laminae is not well documented, but Fig. 2 of that Figs. 28 (top), 29 (bottom left), and 30 (bottom right). Sections of rat heart labeled for 1 minute with oleic acid- 3 H at 4°. T h e radioautographic reaction is seen over the sarcoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria. Myofibrils and lipid droplets are not labeled (Fig. 28).

F. PANCREAS Pigeon pancreas slices stimulated to secrete protein by incubation with either acetylcholine or pancreozymin, show increased synthesis of phosphatidylinositol (Hokin and Huebner, 1967). Incubations were carried out in the presence of myoinositol- 3 H, and radioautography was performed on 2 μ Carbowax sections. In the stimulated glands there was an increase in the concentration of radioautographic grains over the cytoplasm, both over the basophilic (containing mostly rough endoplasmic reticulum) and nonbasophilic (containing mostly smooth endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi membranes) regions.

Light microscopic radioautography with choline- 3 H revealed that in the normal aorta newly synthesized lecithin is localized mainly to aortic smooth muscle cells (Figs. 8 and 9). The cellular localization was further confirmed by electron microscopic radioautography and the silver grains were seen over the cytoplasm, plasma membrane and cytoplasmic projection, but not over the elastic laminae (Fig. 31). When labeling was carried out by perfusion with oleic acid- 3 H as substrate the radioautographic reaction was more pronounced over the outer media than Light and Electron Microscopic Radioautography ofLipids 53 Fig.

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