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Contour levels are in percent of peak intensity. , Ref. 59) Fig. 12 The SCUBA 91 pixel and 37 pixel NTD Ge bolometer arrays development for the James Clerk Maxwell submillimeter telescope. Cunningham and Gear, Ref. 61) 31 under (Courtesy ! u') i ! i D_ I I i q_ 0 _ ----- r_ IV , lr III I III Fig. 32 Z. 1 Fig. 33 2 03 | I::: NA- 1012 l0 8 04 P lO , 0 oO I 0 I I I ' POSITION u. _... 1,1 935-592 Fig. 34 3 Fig. 35 4 Fig. Lm) uJ Z 0 Q- 100 50 I I , 40, I 30 25, I I 20, stressed uJ 13:: Ge:Ga Ge:Ga Ge:Be Si:B " i-0 Z 0 0 0 p.

2 The near-contact band diagram showing the Fermi level position relative to the valence band edge. (Courtesy Haegel and White, Ref. 6) Fig. 3 illuminated. mV) p+-p-p+ and Ge:Ga (Courtesy Haegel and White, Ref. 6) Fig. 4 Mesh plot of the relative free hole increase as a function of position and time in a homogeneously illuminated p+-p-p+ Ga:Ge photoconductor. The illumination is turned on at 10-8 s. , Ref. 8) Fig. urn, B) 100 _tm, and C) 40 ktm for constant with illumination. , Ref. 8) Fig. 6 Schematic relative response of Si:B, Ge:Be, Ge:Ga and uniaxially stressed Ge:Ga photoconductors.

19) Fig. 8 Stress rig for uniaxially stressing Ge:Ga, a: adjusting screw, b: flat springs, c: fulcrum, d: body, e: fulcrum 3O holding pin, f: Ge:Ga photoconductor, g: stressing pistons, h: detector positioning screw. , Ref. 63) Fig. 9 Completed 5×5 stressed Ge:Ga array with light collecting cones. , Ref. 25) Fig. 10 Logarithm of the resistivity as a function of T - _/2 for ten selected NTD Ge crystals. The neutron dose and the resulting dopant concentrations are listed in Table II. (Courtesy J.

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