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By Teresa Scolamacchia, José Luis Macías

This book summarizes the experiences conducted at of the main energetic volcanoes of Chiapas (Mexico): El Chichón and Tacaná. El Chichón erupted explosively in 1982 killing greater than 2000 humans being the worst volcanic catastrophe in Mexico, and Tacaná produced light phreatic explosions in 1950 and 1986. basically after those explosions a surge of latest stories started to unreveal their volcanic heritage and influence.
This booklet provides the cutting-edge advances in issues on the topic of the geologic surroundings of the 2 volcanoes, their eruptive background and composition of erupted items, the hydrothermal platforms and their manifestations. Volcanic risks and hazards and attainable mitigation plans are mentioned in keeping with the event of the catastrophic eruption of El Chichón that happened in 1982. The booklet also will contain formerly unpublished fabric at the vegetation and the fauna of the area and archaeological and social features of the world that's inhabited by means of indigenous people.

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6). L. Arce et al. LOS TUXTLAS Sur N SO Cocos Plate fac e tr Ver a ace cru UT HE RN Mi of i n tra- ult Yua c ata EL CHICHON ME XI CO dd le A me ric Int z fa an BL OC Depth (km) K 50 Tre n ch ra- ns lab apa nec an volc anic belt Chi TACANA Yu c 100 atá ns lab Cocos Plate 150 200 Fig. 9 3D tectonic model for southern Mexico involving two subducted slabs (Cocos and Yucatan). Sinistral movements of the Veracruz fault induces a pull-apart system at the Chiapanecan Volcanic Belt (after Arce et al. 2014) later, a more robust geochemical data for Unit B demonstrated that Sr/Y ratios are around 50 (Macías et al.

2000), Mora et al. (2004), García-Palomo et al. (2006), Macías et al. (2010b), Arce et al. (2012) and Arce et al. L. Arce et al. 25 PhonoTephrite Trachyandesite 8 6 Tephrite Basanite 4 2 Trachybasalt Trachydacite Basaltic trachyandesite Rhyolite 20 Dacite Basalt 15 Andesite Basaltic andesite Picrobasalt 0 Al2O3 Trachyte 10 45 50 55 (c) 60 65 70 (d) SiO2 wt. 1 6 4 (e) 4 (f) K2O 3 Sibinal Pumice MgO 11 Tacana Pumice Tacana volcano La Vega Pyroclastic flow San Antonio volcano 9 7 2 Chichuj volcano Las Ardillas Dome 5 Mafic enclaves 1 3 0 1 (g) (h) 20 2000 Fe2O3* Ba 1500 15 1000 10 500 5 0 0 (i) 30 (j) 2 K2O/P2O5 I) TiO2 20 1 10 0 40 50 60 SiO2 70 0 40 60 50 SiO2 70 Petrology and Geochemistry … Fig.

Trachybasalts) could represent the parental compositions for the more evolved trachyandesites erupted at El Chichón. Mafic enclaves are often interpreted as the product of magma mixing (Eichelberger et al. 1976; Stimac and Pierce 1992). 3 (b) 1000 Rock/Primitive Mantle Fig. 4 a MgO versus CaO/ Al2O3 ratio for El Chichón samples. All samples were recalculated to 100 % on an anhydrous basis; b Spider diagram of selected El Chichón samples, normalized to primitive mantle (Sun and McDonough 1989). Data taken from Arce et al.

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