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By Kelly B., Brown W., Potterton E.

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So, obviously, make sure your chosen question is something that will hold your interest and keep you stimulated. Think about your study of the second half of the course – which were the issues that really grabbed your interest and which you wanted to look at more closely? What were the analytical issues and problems that held your attention? Secondly, think about the particular focus of the questions and consider which you feel you can do a good piece of work on. For instance you might be particularly interested in the subject matter of two of the questions but think you have a real grasp of the analytical and conceptual dimensions raised by one of them.

N Technological The hardware and software are lacking. Electricity and phone lines are lacking. n Economic Differences in wealth between individuals affect their ability to be educated and technologically literate. Inequalities within and between countries affect the ability to access technology. n Political National governments may lack will, capacity or funds to promote ICTs. International political processes are biased against less developed countries. Political decisions take place outside the formal arenas.

And when considering the relations between states and the states-system, on the one hand, and the economic and technological aspects of the international system, on the other, Chapters 3, 7, 8 and 11 of Making the International are all relevant. You will recall that in Chapter 1 of Ordering the International you were introduced to three framing questions for the book as a whole, a definition of the subject matter of International Studies and a framework that could be used to define different international systems and to represent different attempts to characterize the modern international system.

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