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By Erika A. Kuhlman

With the explosion of women's reports at each point of schooling, there's an expanding desire for a accomplished source that recognizes their outstanding contributions. A to Z of girls in global background is a one-volume encyclopedic connection with these impressive ladies from worldwide who've made their mark in each department of accomplishment. greater than 260 full of life, precise, and engrossing entries are grouped via each one woman's declare to status. every one in-depth essay contains assets for extra analyzing. 3 lists of entries - alphabetically by way of topic identify, chronologically, and geographically - make sure that info should be simply discovered. Profiles contain: Hypatia (ca. 370-415): Alexandrian mathematician and astronomer; Anna Comnena (1083-1148): Byzantine princess and historian; Peggy Guggenhelm (1898-1979): American philanthropist and artwork customer; Ana Figueroa (1908-1970): Chilean feminist and educator; Sonja Henle (1912-1969): Norwegian Olympic gold medal skater; Zheng Xlaoying (1929-present): chinese language conductor; Oriana Fallaci (1930-present): Italian political journalist; Wangarl Muta Maathal (1940-present): Kenyan biologist and environmentalist.

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In 1931, Japan invaded the Chinese territory of Manchuria and continued its aggressive moves by attacking Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanking. The nearly impassable mountains of western China and the guerrilla resistance staged by Chinese communists stalled the Japanese invasion of China. Meanwhile, the United States had become alarmed by Japanese aggression in China. Encouraged by early German successes in World War II, Japan signed a defensive Tripartite Pact with Nazi Germany and Italy in September 1940.

She married her high school sweetheart, Robert Eldridge, with whom she had four children. The couple later divorced. She wrote her autobiography, Wilma, in 1977, and it was made into a television movie. In 1991, she served as an ambassador to the European celebration of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. She was a member of the Olympic Hall of Fame and the National Track and Field Hall of Fame. She died at her home in Brentwood, Tennessee, on November 12, 1994, of a malignant brain tumor. Further Reading Biracree, Tom.

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