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Due to the basal processes and paradigms, the American Marketing Association accepted the role of developing, adapting, and distributing an official definition of marketing. , Chairman, Marketing Definitions, A Glossary of Marketing Terms, Chicago, AM A 1960). In 1987, the definition was changed to marketing as "the process of planning and exacting the The "early days" can be dated back to about 1886, when the brand Maggi was created as one of the first European product brands (Hellmann 2003, p.

Since 1936, about 155 journals emerged in the field, which undoubtedly reflects a rapid growth of marketing research. ^^ The following figure illustrates the growth of the number of marketing journals since the Journal of Marketing was first issued. 10 In 2002, about 100 years after the first theoretical approaches to marketing, Hunt (2002; 2003) is still in search for the "general theory of marketing". 11 There have been countless publications about marketing theory since 1946, but mainly the contributions mentioned above have been widely accepted as important and innovative approaches to marketing theory.

This medium allowed the economic system to create and handle more complex exchanges and payments and contributed to the rise and success of the system. Generally, Luhmann differentiates "dissemination media," such as books, mass media, or the Internet, from "symbolic generalized communication media" (Luhmann 1988, p. ; Parsons 1951; Parsons and Toby 1977). Symbolic media, such as meaning and language in society, money in the economic subsystem, or truth in science (Luhmann 1988, 1990, 2002), allow the system to engage in more complex communications.

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