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By J.B., Jr. Bessinger

The writer has tried to hide the vocabulary of the complete corpus of Anglo-Saxon verse and make the word-list as generally helpful as attainable for the final scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature.

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Dear, precious, excellent, noble; dearly, expensively, kindly (85) dierling (~as) m. sg. secret: aj. secret, concealed (50) 3e-diersian // glorify (85) dihtan / appoint, set (5) a-dihtian // arrange (5) á-dílegian // erase, blot out (6) dimm aj. n. devil (75) disc (^as) m. n. day (502) dohte see dugan dohtor (^) /. daughter (44) dol aj. aj. foolish (ness), rash (ness) (998) dolfen see delfan dolg (~) n. wound (16) dolgian II wound (16) dóm (^as) m. judgment, decree, opinion; justice, propriety; meaning, sig- dry liten nificance; authority, power; glory, glorious reputation (367) -dóm suff.

Ladder (4) hlaéf-díse (-digan) /. sg. derision (32) hloénan 7 cause to lean: a— set oneself up: be— set around (17) hlaest (—) n. burden (5) 3e-hlaestan 7 weigh down, load; adorn (5) hlaéw/hláw (—as) m. cave; hill; barrow, tumulus, mound (10) 3e-hloe(5a (—'n) m. companion (13) be-hloe<5an 7 despoil, plunder (13) 33 hnág hnág aj. abject, mean, humble; humiliating (30) hnág see hnígan hnappian // doze, nap (2) hnappung (~a) /. sg. clash (7) á-hnéap see á-hnéopan hnéaw aj. niggardly (5) hnecca (~n) m.

Traveling weaver," spider (16) -gann see -sinnan ganot (<^as) m. gannet, the solan goose (4) gar (^as) m. sg. sg. ) (i) gást see gaest gást-bana (^n) m. soul-slayer, the Devil (111) G-3 36 pron. ye, you (15974) 3e, 36 . . 3e cj. and, also; both . . Jg. sg. lack (6) either . . or (19) gader see 3eador 36- pref. sg. sg. wantonness, lechery; evil: aj. 3eac (^as) m. cuckoo (3) wanton; happy (38) 3eador/gader av. sg. folly (340) ^tang aj. continuous, united (25) galán (ó, ó, a) 6 sing; cry out; enchant 3eaf see 3Íefan (43) 3éagl (^as) m.

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