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Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

This afternoon journey in downtown Washington, D.C., will let examine of pollutants, structural, and other forms of wear and tear to constructions with emphasis on these developed of good- to coarse-grained marble yet with representatives of limestone and crimson sandstone. The travel will contain so as of exam [date of labor initiated (i) and/or occupied (o.) and stone type]: the Renwick Museum (1859o., crimson sandstone trim changed 1987), Corcoran Museum (1879c. enlarged 1927, coarse-grained marble), pink go structures (1915i.-1917o., 1927i., fine-grained marble), Memorial Continental corridor of the Daughters of the yankee Revolution, DAR (1904i.-1909o., fine-grained marble), Pan American Union development (1908i.-1910o., coarse-grained marble), structure corridor (DAR) (1929o., limestone), Washington Monument (1885o., marble), Jefferson Memorial (1943o., external of fine-grained marble), and Lincoln Memorial (1922o., very fine-grained marble). Coarse-grained marble is generally extra immune to toxins harm than fine-grained marble. Direct publicity to the weather speeds up degradation. the main serious toxins harm happens to balustrades and columns: runoff from bronze onto fine-grained marble may also reason critical degradation. Any kind of overhang has a tendency to guard the underlying stone, yet exceptions can be noticeable on the Jefferson Memorial. usually, vertical partitions have much less pollutants harm than horizontal surfaces that can start to convey roughening inside years of set up. Limestone in universal use is strangely proof against degradation owing, not less than partially, to the porous nature of the stone that inhibits runoff. If one of many journeys is made to the Powell development of the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia (1974o., concrete), it will likely be obvious that concrete behaves very like limestone and marble.


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