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By Ellie Levenson

The continually provocative Ellie Levenson is right here to force us into motion. From construction more cost-effective housing to lobbying for extra moral banking and fresh consuming water for all, Ellie introduces 50 of the main urgent problems with the twenty first century, explaining precisely why they're so vital and why now could be the time to get in your toes and be heard. She deals useful recommendation on concerning politicians and different leaders, getting media curiosity, and making plans occasions, and stocks insights from best campaigners, together with the Rwandan Genocide Survivor’s Fund, Oxfam, and the psychological future health charity reconsider, on easy methods to take the plunge from factor to action.
filled with rousing evidence and insider information, 50 Campaigns to Shout approximately is an critical source for locating your voice and creating a distinction – no matter if your attractions are set at the halls of presidency or towards home.

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So find a digital camera or audio recorder, or a phone with good picture and sound quality, and use it as much as you can. Q How do I get other people involved? A Your online network of friends is a campaign waiting to happen. Use (but don’t abuse) these people to get your campaign off the ground and spread the word. But don’t forget that campaigning existed long before the internet did. Talk to people who have run campaigns. Your parents or grandparents might have marched against the bomb or protested against the poll tax.

Join the trade union movement Giving workers a voice: The job of a union rep 17. Care for carers 18. Help people to achieve a good death Group engagement: Learning to involve and inspire volunteers 19. Support parents 20. Talk about sex Taking a lead: The role of a charity trustee 21. Prevent HIV and AIDS from being a death sentence 22. Eradicate preventable diseases 23. Give all women choice over abortion Group action: Sharing common experiences with people who can change things 24. End the stigma of mental health issues The personal and the political: Transforming private issues into public policies 25.

But websites change and organizations move, close, and merge, so apologies in advance if any of the information listed is out of date. Luckily, with easy access to information on the internet, it should be relatively easy to find people and organizations with the same aims and ideals as you, and to share ideas about making a difference. However, when doing this search, it may be hard to work out which organizations are legitimate or who their backers are. There are no hard and fast rules for assessing non-governmental organizations (NGOs), but there are some guidelines you can follow.

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